SRED/ SR & ED for a Tax Consulting Client

We are an experienced SRED/ SR & ED consultant company in tax-related matters in Canada driven to enhance an achievement to full potential in understanding taxation concepts. The candidate that will help us drive this agenda must have a passion for understanding the value of building a solid relationship with the tax consulting clients. 

If you have a degree in finance and tax economics and have SRED consulting experience, this is your time to shine. 

Concerning your role, you should have a response to the following questions 

As one of the consultants that will form a team in providing consultancy services in tax incentives and claim. If you can answer the following questions in the affirmative then your tax incentives and claims are well in place. 

  • Are you able to give an evaluation of client projects and activities to SRED/ SR & ED tax incentives and claims? 
  • Is your ability in organizing and making execution of SRED/ SR & ED claims up to date? 
  • Are you able to prepare the recommended reports corresponding to tax expenditures? 
  • Can you perform an evaluation of the client’s documentation systems in training staff and develop strategies to maximize claim benefits? 
  •  Can you test your ability in offering clients tax claim support? 
  • Can your tax claim benefits follow structural processes and proceedings to maintain all tax-related reporting tools accurately and timely? 

Your qualifications 

  • University undergraduate degree in finance and commerce. This is a big asset in starting the process. 
  • Prior experience in consultancy with SRED/ SR & ED program in tax incentives and claims. 
  • Experience and solid knowledge on the internet and tax-related software is an asset since it will assist in the computation process. 
  • Basic knowledge of principles of accounting, finance, and at least CPA qualification. 
  • You must possess an overwhelming customer service experience. 
  • You must be focused and driven to deliver accurate and timely results. 
  • Have experience and an understanding of the dynamics of evolving tax environments. 
  • Must possess excellent communication skills in the English language. 

Why we are fit to offer you consultancy services in tax 

  • We are growth-oriented and able to offer career expertise in tax-related matters to suit your needs. 
  • Our company thrives in a balanced economy full of collaboration and support. 
  • High earning potential and related benefits are what we value most. 
  • We offer flexibility thus enabling you to design your own work program. 
  • We are an established brand with a global reputation giving your career a great impact.